First Impression Counts

In Frin Car Valet Services,We are very strict regarding our work  attire/Uniform. The reason why because with good attire,it will last a long good first impression towards our customer.In Frin Car Valet,We believe in 3S that hold up a good attire. 

With (S)mart attire,we are pleasantly looking for our dearly customer. By (S)miling,customers are comfortable and happy just by looking at us. With these two attributes, Frin Car valet Services will always (S)hine in the eyes of our loyal Customers.




Private Events
Vest & Tie

For private events we are dressed in a black vest and white shirt.

Road Marshall
White Polo-T, Black Pants & Luminous Vest

For events that require road marshall services our staff are dressed in safety attire and equipments.

Outdoor Attire 1
Polo T

Our staff are dressed in our company’s white polo t and black pants.

Outdoor Attire 2
Polo T and Vest

Our staff are dressed in a white polo t, vest and black pants.

Hotel and Small Events

Our hotel valet staffs are dressed in safari top, pants and black shoes.